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Welcome to our Combined Country Tours Web-Page,

As tour operators from UK, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Dubai, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and some other countries, we have arranged our new combined packages for you!

We have worked for you and arranged many different guaranteed departure combined tour itineraries for your review.

Please check our page to see all our combined country tours.

Our aim is to provide you the best itineraries for these hot destinations. You can enjoy the beauties of a few countries in a short time, with very Good 4 star and 5 star hotels.

If you're thinking of travelling to a few countries in one go in a particular area, you're on a multi-country trip. You're not necessarily going around the world, you can see the best of one area.

Our combined tour programs offer so many opportunities with different cultures, languages, and sights that it can be hard to decide where to go. But with our combined tour programs, you don't have to choose! You can taste a few or many countries on just one tour. Feel the luxury of Dubai, four seasons of Turkey, fun of Bulgaria, enjoy the beaches of Cyprus and deep history of Greece.

We offer multi-country tour programs will provide a wealth of value as well as a worldly experience to some of the most interesting cultural centers of the world. And a majority of these itineraries also take you into the smaller and unique charms of each country, for a taste of the "truest" traditions of old world charm.

When it comes to experiencing our combined tours, Murtis Tour will take you there in a variety of new ways. To truly experience a desirable place is to do it at the most desirable pace.

Orchestrated by Murtis Tour with remarkably knowledgeable local guides, our multi-country vacations are designed to allow you to experience and compare a variety of cultures, take in the "must see" sights, and make the most vivid memories.

You can choose one of our ready-made combined packages or we can arrange your own customized combined tour program.

Whether you come for a 5 or 19 days Combined Country Tour, our superb, high quality choice of facilities and sparkling service will never be topped. These tours are avaialble all year round, also for single traveler, group not necessary.

We know what our cooperators and all agents in all countries Needs, we worked on a B2B XML system for our cooperators.

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